Terms, Conditions and Disclosure Statement

All sales are final once verbal or written authorization (by fax or email) has been given. Giving an Adventure Travel agent your credit card number is verbal authorization. Entering your credit card number in the appropiate form is also considered written permission. An immediate family member, including husband, wife, son, daughter or any family member living under the same roof, using your credit card is also written and authorized permission.

Airline Tickets

Due to the high volume of fraudulent internet bookings, we do not allow any online reservations of airline tickets originating outside the United States of America. If you have an account with Adventure Travel Service and we are familiar with you and/or your organization, this rule may be waived and the reservations will have to be made by an agent within our office. No exceptions to this rule.

Airline tickets are non-refundable, unless specifically noted by an Adventure Travel agent. Should an airline ticket be refundable (less any penalty the Airline, vender or consolidator of such ticket will charge), Adventure Travel will also levy a penalty of $100 per ticket for processing the refund.

The passenger is responsible for all travel documents and information, including but not limited to: Passports / Visas / Transit Visas / Immunizations required and / or recommended / baggage limitations / state department warnings.

For more information about Foreign Entry Requirements, please click here.

Tours, Train Tickets, Bus Rentals, Airport Transfers

No refunds will be issued on any tour product, train ticket, bus rental or airport transfer. Our venders in Ukraine and Russia only accept local currancy and will not refund any portion of payment under any circumstance.

Cruise Package

All cruise packagees are non-refundable once deposit is made. We offer quality trip insurance through the cruise venders and strongly recommend the purchase of it.

Trip Insurance

Your trip or vaction is a valuable investment. Plans can change and you need to protect that investment with Affordable Travel Insurance

For a more detailed explanation of all terms and conditions, please see Exhibit A.