Mission Travel Specialists

We're well acquainted with the needs of those who are going on mission trips. David Tinney, our owner, has been traveling overseas on short term mission trips since 1985. Because of this, David has made sure the staff at Adventure Travel has been thoroughly trained in international ticketing and is familiar with the special needs missionaries have.

When planning your mission trip, especially when it come to the travel portion of the trip, you need to have a travel professional who is in tune with you and pays attention to the details. No one can foretell the potential for travel delays and interuptions, but a good travel agent will have those possibilities in mind when making your arrangements. Sometimes just allowing an extra hour in connection times will make the difference whether you make or miss a connecting flight.

We all know the cheapest isn't always the best. Yes, our fares are competitive with all the others but our experience and attention to details sets us apart and above the rest.

An unsolicited testimony:

I have been using Adventure Travel Services since summer 2006. Every question I have had has been answered above and beyond my satisfaction. Prices have been THE best I could find anywhere. Using Adventure has taken the hassle out of booking travel for my groups. As a youth pastor of 14 years, I have never had a place that I have found so reliable for our travel needs as Adventure Travel. I have booked trips with 5-6 people and trips with 25-30 people. Each time I have had to make changes and updates and somehow they work with me each time...love them. I personally like to think of Melanie as part of our ministry staff. -Cody Mummau, Frontline Student Ministries, Burlington, NC

We deliver the best bargains and deals in discount flights to mission field destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Preparing for a mission trip requires detailed planning, therefore we suggest you call 800-488-7901 or email us at and we'll take your information help you plan your mission trip.

Adventure Travel agents are specialists in mission trips for churches, youth groups, short term, career missionaries, humanitarian, medical missions and not for profit organizations.