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Book your Globus Tours and vacations yourself online and save! Adventure Travel Service and Globus Tours have partnered together, providing you the most valuable and enjoyable vacation experience available.

Globus Vacations - If you could choose to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Would you travel to Italy? Tour Europe? Just as the world is wonderfully diverse, so too are the ways you can experience it with Globus.

Globus North America - North America There's no better time than now to tour the United States and travel Canada. Our escorted tours throughout North America offer a multitude of possibilities, with Globus, you're sure to find a vacation package that will take you further away than you thought possible.

Globus Hawaii - White-sand beaches are just the beginning of what awaits you in the 50th state. Our itineraries to Hawaii take you to the most popular islands, including Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai, where you'll see lush valleys, vast canyons, volcanic craters and historic monuments.

Globus Europe - The dream of European travel is easily turned into splendid reality with a Globus tour. When it comes to experiencing the Old World, we take you there in a variety of new ways. To truly experience a desirable place is to do it at the most desirable pace.

Globus Asia - Discover the beauty of Asia in Globus' many vacations to this captivating continent. If you've ever wanted to walk the Great Wall or cruise the Yangtze River, then one of our vacations to China is the journey for you. Or perhaps you want to see the history and culture of Japan, Thailand or India.

Globus Africa - No other continent offers such a sundry of travel experiences than Africa. You can start your vacation watching wildlife to touring the Great Pyramids and sailing down the Nile. You'll find the experience you're looking for on one of our many vacations to Africa.

Globus South America - Colorful is the best word to describe the continent of South America, along with adventurous, mysterious, lively and exciting. From romantic Rio de Janeiro to the intriguing Amazon Jungle, and enigmatic Machu Picchu to the fascinating Galapagos Islands, you're sure to have a vacation like no other with Globus.

Globus Australia - Head Down Under and experience unflawed beaches, rugged terrain, bustling cities and sleeping koalas. On a Globus vacation you can discover Australia's lively cities or New Zealand's charming towns. Explore the Great Barrier Reef, the rugged Outback or learn about the Maori history.

Cosmos Tours

Cosmos Travel Packages - For more than 45 years, Cosmos has been the travel style of choice for the savvy, practical traveler. With affordable travel packages to the world's most engaging destinations, Cosmos is the smart way to go. We provide air, accommodations, transportation and the services of a knowledgeable Tour Director for much less than if you booked them individually on your own.

Search Cosmos Trips - Use the search box to locate a vacation that is just right for you. Or, you can select vacations by destinations and itineraries.

Cosmos Europe - Tour Europe with one of Cosmos' discount travel packages to the following destinations: Britain and Ireland, Italy, Eastern, Central and Alpine Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Greece and Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, Scandinavia, Baltics and Russia, Panoramas, Multi-Country Vacations.